Cognitivology® is the actual science of Human Intuitive-Cognitive Brain Development and fully describes how the rules of e=mc2 are distinctly relative and identical to Full Human Brain Potential. Scientifically and Technologically speaking, we are living in a post-Einsteinian era, wherein we understand that there is one set of universal laws. This one set of universal laws unites and connects the forces of the universe, realizing that light – speed, electro – magnetism, energy – matter, mass – acceleration are all united interconnecting properties of the cosmos.

The human brain is a microcosm of the universe. But “cognitively” speaking, we are living in a pre-Ensteinian world, whereby we still think and believe that the forces of the human Mind-Heart-Brain tripod are ruled by separate and disconnecting principles.

Just as there is one set of universal laws governing all forces of the cosmos, there is one set of rules universally positioned to govern, unite and interconnect (or integrate) the human Heart-Mind-Brain tripod –or trinity.

The microcosmic Human Brain is designed to function at 100% capacity-according to its Hard-Wired purpose and potential, just as all of our organs do – and that includes any imperfections our bodies may have, in and of themselves, will work to 100% capacity.

The traits and features of Intelligence-Behavior, Emotioning – Reasoning, Intuition – Cognition, Foresight – Decision Making, Creativity – Hypothesizing, Judgment – Observation, Instant Gratification – Delayed Gratification, Computational Thinking – Fundamental Principles of Math, Etc., are all ruled by one set of governing laws by the microcosmic human brain – – parallel with the united governing laws of the universe.

COGNITIVOLOGY® debunks common narratives and traditional notions, and redefines the authentic features of Full Human Brain Potential. This “formula” requires combining, or synthesizing the principles of Relativity (e=mc2) plus (+) a comprehensive understanding of the preschool brain (the 3-5 year old stage of Brain Development) ~Universally accepted as the “Foundation for EVERYTHING in Life.” In Human Progress, the 3-5 year old phase is our consummate and united “weak Link” – it is even the weak link in the field of Neuroscience. It’s time for an UPGRADE. E=MC2 is relative to FULL HUMAN BRAIN POTENTIAL!!!

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